Food for the Summer

It is Summer! Summer means that it is berry season in Vermont, which is one of the best seasons that there is! The other thing that summer brings is cookouts, picnics, and other gatherings that center around food. We have – and are developing – products to help you enjoy these gatherings both for the company and for the food. One of my favorites is the Angel-food Cake! It is the best paired with fresh strawberries (and whipped cream if you can have dairy – but it doesn’t really need it). Now this cake doesn’t have a very long shelf-life, so if you would like to try it you need to call and order it; however, even though it doesn’t have a very long shelf-life it never sticks around long enough to reach the end of that life – yumm! We also have hamburger rolls, and are working on turning them into hotdog buns.

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