WMFB 04/28/11

WMFB 04/28/11

Hopefully, some of you readers have tried the pasta selections at the bakery and were duly impressed with the quality. Now there is a new addition – vegetarian lasagne. It is made with a red wine tomato sauce and uses spinach instead of meat. As with the other products it comes frozen, so you can have it on hand in the freezer and pop it in the oven for an easy, tasty meal.

I love wandering around the bakery, smelling all the tantalizing aromas and hoping for free samples. This time I also took home a loaf of white bread made with their new bread flour blend. Now bread is one thing that just isn’t the same without gluten because it is gluten that makes your bread chewy and keeps it from crumbling. I took the loaf home, and at Lois’ suggestion I made grilled cheese sandwiches and fed them to my family. Five of us tried them and we all thought they were pretty yummy. If you can’t have real bread this is a darn good substitute.

Another product that I got to sample was a fresh bagel. I selected one of the garlic/herb variety which was still warm. It was very good and quite convincing. They also make excellent sandwiches. The varieties available are: garlic/herb, plain,everything, cinnamon/raisin, cheddar/jack(personal favorite), sesame, and poppyseed.

Stop by and see what’s cooking. Coming soon – Brown and Jenkins coffee. Liven up your morning with coffee and a muffin!

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